Power & Energy Surveys

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, expand operation or ensure compliance, CHIL Electrical & Renewables has a survey package to meet your exact needs.

Types of Power and Energy Surveys

Power and energy surveys are available from long-term detailed studies to indicative short-term spot measurement surveys in the following disciplines:

  • Load and power studies
  • Power quality surveys
  • Harmonic surveys
  • Plant and process energy efficiency surveys
  • Discrimination studies
  • Compliance and earthing studies
  • Thermographic studies & reports


Whether your power and energy survey requirements are for compliance, for Low Carbon Assessment, to investigate spurious occurrences or problems with your electrical infrastructure or plant, EnergyAce will create a survey package to accurately satisfy your exact requirements.

Detailed energy monitoring gives you visibility on energy spend and allows you to target cost-effective reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions to aid compliance.

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